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FREE Informational Webinar

May 4, 2022
2pm EST


55 Million
  Americans have used cannabis in the last year                                                                                                                                                 - NCDAS 2021

 of industrial injuries and up to 40% of     industrial deaths can be traced to             drug use                                                                                                                
- BLS 2019

16.4 Million
  Illicit drug users have full time jobs
                                                     - CDC 2018

Is Your Organization Prepared?

As the changes to the, possession, sale and use of cannabis is rapidly evolving so are the legal and occupational hurdles in maintaining a safe drugfree workplace.  In New York State alone it is now a unlawful to take disciplinary action against an employee's legal use of cannabis under state law. Recent court cases have even left employers facing discrimination charges for taking action against workers who now flunk marijuana tests.

who, whAT, whY, and when???


If you or anyone in your organization, is responsible for any of the following, we want to hear from you:

  • for safety management of;

  • workforce supervisors/ Managers,

  • safety monitors at controlled access zones, scaffolding or confined spaces. 

  • workplace accident investigation/ risk management

Copy of Tech Using VR.jpg






The Cannabis Impairment Detection Workshop is designed to provide students with information and live examples of people impaired by cannabis and how that impairment can impact worksites in NYS.  This intense workshop will offer a series of instructor -led technical lectures, proficiency assessments and learning labs.  Utilizing the latest in Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), we are able to simulate many safety sensitive jobsite conditions and safely observe the varying effects of cannabis/drug impairment in real time. 



Cannabis Impairment Detection Workshops (CIDW) were originally, and for the most part still are, designed to instruct the advanced (DWI) enforcement officer.  Building on those tried and tested methods of impairment recognition we move away from its strict judicial and prosecutorial applications, and streamlined it to meet the diverse, needs of occupational health and safety management


With NYS slated to begin issuing dispensary licenses later this year, the availability and influx of legal cannabis consumption will be seen throughout many industries.  

Come join us on  May 4th @ 2:00pm EST for our first of several online interactive showcase of this revolutionary and groundbreaking initiative from Cornerstone Training Institute Online. This interactive webinar will be hosted by

 Mark A, Gonzalez Director of E-learning and Online Training at CTI-Online. Topics to be covered include:

  • Health and Safety Trends in States legalizing recreational cannabis use

  • Changes in labor laws and most work practices for THC screening.

  • Medicinal cannabis user protections

  • CIRPs in the workplace vs DREs in traffic related impairment investigations

  • Challenges facing traditional standardized sobriety/impairment field tests for cannabis impairment

  • The CIRP Workshop Summary and VR Demonstration


This session will be followed by an open Q/A segment for all our valued stakeholders. and sign-up for up-coming workshops, and many other cannabis training initiatives.


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