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For a virtual town hall meeting discussing the impacts of New York State's new Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) in the workplace.  As New York became the 15th state to allow adult-use cannabis employers and employees now find themselves re-evaluating previous cannabis in the workplace policies.

Under the new legislation, New York employers can treat their employees' recreational cannabis use in the same manner as they do alcohol use: an employer may exclude cannabis from the workplace and prohibit employees from being impaired at work and on working time. This course helps employers, HR and managers understand the following:

  • Companies should not tolerate marijuana use on the job, just as they wouldn't tolerate alcohol use

  • Train managers to spot signs of impairment.

  • The type of testing a company uses and stay on top of developments in the technology of testing.

  • Talking to a lawyer about relevant state laws before setting policies and testing rules.

  • For companies operating in different states, know that testing policies may need to vary by location.

  • Educate employees about the company marijuana-use policy and the repercussions for failed tests, including random, post-accident or reasonable suspicion tests.

Some of the subject matter to be covered:

  • An overview of the NYS MRTA and what is now legal and allowed

  • What employers and employees need to know

  • Medical cannabis considerations

  • Substance abuse in occupational safety & health

  • Cannabis and public/traffic safety


Virtual Town Hall

Cannabis in the Workplace

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