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"Bringing the full expertise and extensive networking base of a long-standing training provider staple such as CTI is a game-changer in workforce training and placement."

Darren Yehl, Founder and Executive Director

Image by Joan Kwamboka

More than training —
it's empowerment

We're committed to better your life in it's entirety.


As a tried-and-true provider of professional training, we have achieved great success in student completion rates and certificate issuance. Having worked as a vendor for various workforce development programs over the years, we take pride in our contributions to the growth and success of our clients: past, present, and future.

Changing Lives

The Cornerstone Workforce Development program is designed to create pathways to various career fields through specialized workforce training, mentoring, and personal development sessions. Our programs are targeted towards men and women aged eighteen and above, who belong to Rochester's most impacted communities, including those who have been formerly incarcerated and or recently released.

Choose Your Path

Here is a quick snapshot of some of our pathways we offer: Environmental Remediation, Environmental Consultant, Information and Computer Technology Specialist, Restaurant and Hospitality, Responsible Cannabis Vendor, Cannabis Cultivation Principles and Introduction to Nursery Management, Digital and Social Media Content Creation Basics, Digital Marketing/E-Commerce Principles, and more.

Redundancy to Efficiency 

A series of GAO reports have looked at many employment and training programs and found that programmatic redundancy is a common issue. By collocating services such as intake, training, personal skills management, job placement, and aftercare with a non-profit workforce development agencies, we can reduce service fragmentation and improve the program tempo. We believe that partnerships with agencies that provide customized services are key to promoting program efficiency. 

We Supply the Best

The demand for workers to fill middle-skill jobs is high, but the supply can't keep up. Middle-skill level jobs are jobs that require some classroom or on-the-job training beyond high school, but less than a four-year college degree. Examples include health technicians and skilled construction jobs such as environmental remediation, specialized construction tasks, hospitality, and retail cultivation.

Have questions? Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can best serve your organization.

Success Stories

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